Sasha Fletcher and Leigh Stein at the Book Report Reading Series.

Chatting with the editor of The Antarctic Sun.

Paul Constant on Kate Zambreno: “Heroines is a bookshelf’s worth of nonfiction books layered one over the other.”

“But books aren’t products, they’re art — except when they’re mostly just products, which is often.  Or when they’re to some extent both, which is always.” Emily Gould has some wise things to say about Book^2 Camp.

The Thermals have a new album. Desperate Ground, due out in April. Related: our managing editor’s thoughts on their earlier The Body, The Blood, The Machine.

A-J Aronstein on winter in Chicago.

Mark Kozelek covering Godflesh, Bad Brains, and The Descendents? Sure, we’re interested.

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