Founded in 2009, Volume 1 Brooklyn engages and connects the literary-minded from Brooklyn and beyond. Vol. 1 Brooklyn features short and long form content on our website and produces a number of free cultural events to bridge the gaps between various forms of culture and art. Vol. 1 Brooklyn seeks to motivate our community to explore and experience new writers, artists, musicians, and other people and projects we consider vital.

Founding Editor: Jason Diamond

Managing Editor: Tobias Carroll

Deputy Editor: Jen Vafidis

Associate Editors: Nick Curley, Emily Goldsher-Diamond

Contributors:  Molly Templeton, Abraham Riesman, Josh Spilker, R. Stephen Shodin, Juliet Linderman, Jon Reiss, Ryan Chang, Charles Reinhardt

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  • Jordan

    Great site, Jason–

    Can you add an RSS feed for easy-to-see updates on my (and others’) toolbar?



  • Fort Greene Girl

    Yes, please, where is the RSS feed…?

  • As a current San Franciscan and a former Brooklynite, thanks. I just discovered the site and am glad I did it.


  • Jason Diamond

    You have good taste in cities.

  • Macook

    tater tot is dumb.

  • Joe_killiany

    How are you defining smart? SAT scores or world experience?

    • Nick Sund

      It’s not about the definition. “We think we’re smart and we hope smart people like us.” But I’ve haven’t read their stuff yet, so maybe they are smart.

  • Great short story from Katherine Carlson. I can’t stop thinking about it.

  • True Story: We’re walking toward some buskers playing out on Royal Street, in the Vieux Carre, NOLA, and we stand around enjoying their music. A guy comes out of the corner bar where they’re set up under the front window, and one of them asks him, “Ya godda cuppa wawdah?” So we ask them where they’re from. The Answer, Red Hook, but they go on to say, it could have been from the Marigny District here. We ALL sound the same. Little research later, turns out there is a huge, long-term connection between Brooklyn and New Orleans, specifically in the Irish Maritime trades. At the end of one of the Erie Basin finger wharves is a mileage signpost showing New Orleans among many other destinations. MY wife later learned that her Irish seaman grandfather, form Brooklyn, ran a tugboat out of… NOLA! A Tale of Two Cities, to be sure.

  • Chris Roberts

    “Est. 2009” Brooklyn was founded hundreds of years ago. Your internet contraption has nothing to do with Brooklyn, you are base carpetbaggers. Send Tobias Wolff to Bed-Stuy and he will laughingly be beaten by real Brooklynites. There is a foul odor here, I must go.
    Chris Roberts

  • theo