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Ostwald Helgason’s Charles Baudelaire sweatshirt

Ostwald Helgason’s Charles Baudelaire sweatshirt via @RaquelLaneri.

Virginia Woolf’s last unpublished work,  a series of 90-year-old family vignettes she wrote for The Charleston Bulletin, a family newspaper founded by her nephews in 1923, will be published this summer.

Kevin Helliker at the Wall Street Journal on the new evidence that is making people think In Cold Blood isn’t as “immaculately factual” as Capote stated it was.

Haaretz on Maud Newton and the rise of book bloggers.

Occupy DC superheroes?  Looks like that might be the case as the comic book company has announced they’re turning the Occupy movement into a comic title.

New York’s Bundle Day of 1915.

Esquire on the Jack White/Black Keys rivalry.

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