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  • I was on IMDB the other day looking for info. on where they were with Yiddish Police Man’s Union, but didn’t find anything other than it was delayed. Getting this movie made is starting to feel like The Hobbit, except only like five people are concerned about it.

  • Jason Diamond

    I remember the same thing happening with Kavalier and Clay. Bummer

  • Mary Kidd

    I, too, am impatiently waiting for news about the Yiddish Policemen’s Union movie. I have cast it and recast it and re-recast it in my head a dozen times. Please make the movie before the actor and actresses I want to see in it are too old for the parts!

  • robobot

    The only acceptable explanation I can think of for this not being in production already is that they’re waiting for John Turturro to completely master the Yiddish slang so he can play Landsman. Although, I don’t think it would take him this long…

  • Turturro is too skinny– isn’t Landsman supposed to be sort of… pleasingly plump?  

  • Alex L

    Is time for the movie to reappear. Here is my updated Coen bros. cast for 2017:

    Meyer Landsman- Tom Hardy
    Berko Shemets- Adam Beach
    Bina Gelbfish- Amy Adams
    Rabbi Shpilman- Alfred Molina
    Mendel Shpilman- Ezra Miller
    Batsheva Shpilman- Frances McDormand
    Baronshteyn- Adrien Brody
    Zimbalist- Steve Buschemi
    Hertz Shemets- Olek Krupa
    Naomi Landsman- Mayim Bialik
    Ester-Malke Shemets- Alona Tal
    Buchbinder- Michael Lerner
    Alter Litvak- Peter Stormare
    Cashdollar- Matthew Modine
    Wilfred Dick- Jay Tavare
    Gold- Alex Karpovsky