Mark Twain gets a stamp.  (Shouldn’t Mark Twain be on a coin or paper money by now?)

  • When bands who wish they were from Eastern Europe go on tour together: Dark Dark Dark and A Hawk and a Hacksaw go on the road together.
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  • He should be on a paper bill, but something like a $27.53 bill that would rarely be used and throw a wrench of foolishness into everyday activities.

  • William_powell_uk

    I read Sorokin’s ‘marina’s 30th love’ and a collection of short stories called ‘first volunteers’ day’ – for want of a better word. They were a curious mix of the erotic with the repellent. And yet underneath all the grotesquerie and technocracy were the kind of people we all know. But very hard to render for a foreign audience. In my humble opinion!