Just wanted to start your day off with this photo titled “Journalists at a Microsoft press conference”. (Via Clusterflock)


I fantasized in bed about writing Shoplifting Shoplifting from American Apparel from Urban Outfitters, a novella about Shoplifting from American Apparel written with an extreme focus on “being meta.

The Holidays

The end of 2009.

The 90’s at the end of the aughts.

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  • I’m just happy to see that Elliott Bay will still be around the next time I’m in Seattle. Call a fella crazy.

  • also sarcastically appropriate: journalists at contact lens conference

  • …oh yeah, thanx for the link for the albums of the year

  • Jason Diamond

    It was a good list, and gave us a reason to put the Nat. Geographic link also.

  • Mr. Happy

    No mors Tao Lin!