Paris’ historic Shakespeare and Company Bookstore (no relation to Shakespeare & Co. in NY) has a new mural!  Artist Badaude, who has a charming, unpretentious website that makes me want to see the mural even more, is interviewed at BOMB Magazine, and the article includes a slide show of the new work.

Elsewhere, Abroad

  • Historic photos of the Orient have been exhibited at the Hamburg Museum of Ethnology in Germany, where they have been stored, forgotten, for decades.
  • PEN American Center has written a letter to Obama for help in the release of writer-dissident-activist Liu Xiaobo. Daily Beast reports.
  • Jakarta Fashion Week in pictures (is actually pretty cool).

Pushing the Literary “Limits”

Interesting Interviews

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  • I heard Herzog speak a few weeks ago and I have to say, I don’t think he is insane at all. Brilliant, yes, Funny, yes, but Isane, no.

  • Jason Diamond

    I just like to say he’s awesome