By Willa A. Cmiel
Book Bench explains it correctly when they call organizing your books by color “an exercise that feels dorky and juvenile.” But look, not (really) so! I guess the exposed wooden beams and built-in wall shelves help romanticize the whole nerdy practice.

  • Upon my insistence, my family and I visited the Torture Museum in Amsterdam. As a twelve-year-old, of course, it was, if not all a joke, an abstract, “unreal” practice. If you haven’t heard yet, the CIA recently admitted some smarmy techniques for getting what they want. Newsweek has an enlightening and equally disheartening photo essay “Torture Timeline.
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  • Vicki Duggan

    ok, so I had to read the “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks… tooo funny. Now I have to see if anyone’s also collecting misplaced apostrophes and posting them in a blog! thanks for the tip. (or should I say “tip”?)