Commentary fired book blogger D.G. Myers for a post titled “The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage.” In other news, the only person you know that reads Commentary is your 83-year-old Jewish grandfather. Wait, you don’t have an 83-year-old Jewish grandfather? Then it seems you don’t know anybody that reads Commentary.

Fake William Gibson has some ideas.

Courtney Maum writes about a 42 year-old accepting the National Book Foundation’s 5 under 35 Award at Freerange Nonfiction.

Kurt Vonnegut had some wisdom to drop when he was alive.

Speaking of Vonneguts: Kurt’s daughter talks to The Rumpus.

Salman Rushdie and John le Carré are totally chill.

Please watch this new Purity Ring video.

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  • Vonnegut’s zany and surreal world reflects the absurdity of our own and really bended my mind to different modes of thought. His work has inspired my own visual arts for quite some time and I created a tribute illustration of the author with the help of an old typewriter. You can see it at and tell me how his work and words also affected you.