“To me, the most excruciating conflict is the private conflict, the stuff inside us we try to hide from everybody, except perhaps the reader. I get lost in big plot sometimes, in obvious conflict.” Alison Espach, interviewed at Flavorwire.

Our own Jen Vafidis, along with Steve Himmer and Michele Filgate, recommends a number of indie press titles on NHPR’s Word of Mouth.

Shya Scanlon has a new ebook, titled Border Run, available for download now. (We had good things to say about his recently-reissued novel Forecast, as you might remember.)

The Rumpus chatted with Colson Whitehead.

Matt LeMay on his experiences as a critic and a musician.

Hua Hsu has thoughts on the new Frank Ocean album.

Jon Reiss on literary agency slush piles.

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