Sarah Vowell, Unfamiliar Fishes

New Sarah Vowell book means lots of new Sarah Vowell interviews (thank you God).  Expect lots more like this one from Mother Jones:

Mother Jones: Did you decide to write Unfamiliar Fishes so you could get a tan in Hawaii?

Sarah Vowell: Well, a lot of my time in Hawaii was spent wearing a cardigan sweater and sitting in archives that are climate-controlled, researching old missionary letters and correspondence between the men who got the United States to annex Hawaii.

  • The Daily News returns to Zimbabwe.  The newspaper plans to “take a critical stand against bad governance,” which might be the opposite of the American Daily News.
  • Nazi gold” sounds like a sweet name for a 70s punk band. But alas, it’s a discussion about how putting a swastika on the cover of a book will equal sales.
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