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I like the people over at The L Magazine.  They put out a fantastic little (literally, it’s tiny) free magazine, and do a good job with their annual fiction issue.

But I gotta say, in my mind, the clear winner was “March” by Samar Farah Fitzgerald.  This isn’t taking anything away from the winner Debora Kuan and her story, “Penny,” but Fitzgerald’s portrait of Anywhere, USA in 2010 was right on target, and although a bit short, a really great story.

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  • http://www.deborakuan.com Debora Kuan

    Yes, her story was fantastic. And haunting. I agree! Just to clarify though: I don’t believe her story was in the Lit Upstart contest. I believe it was chosen for pub by the editors as an excellent story for the summer fiction issue, as were the others.