Todd Zuniga (Opium, Literary Death Match) has good taste, and he seemed to like Imperial Bedrooms.  Is this the final clue from God that I should read the (possibly terrible) follow up to one of my favorite books ever?

The dark undergrounds of real-deal metropolitan cities (NYC, SF, LA, London, etc.) can be grim, horrifying places.  We’ve all heard stories (or at least seen Requiem for a Dream).  I don’t have the constitution to live in this world, though I wish, maybe, I had the strength to write about it (I don’t; I’ve tried).  But I can’t stop admiring Ellis’ bold handling of a city’s dark identity, especially one that’s going on right under our noses inside the safe-seeming boundaries of our first-world American Dreamscape. So upsetting, haunting, fucked, ruthless, rattling and frightening.

And I wish I could read more.

(Via The Rumpus)

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  • Matt

    Nope. Don’t read it.

    • Anonymous

      Wrong answer! You must read it.

  • Saree

    I just started it. Don’t get your hopes up

    • Todd Zuniga

      How far in are you?